Film Roll Challenge

I took a photography class in college. It was all film back then. I borrowed my Dad-in-law's Nikon camera for the semester. I learned how to shoot, develop and print my own photos. It was labor intensive but a lot of fun. 

A few years later, on our first wedding anniversary, Orlando and I invested in nice Nikon film camera. Digital cameras were new so it was too expensive for us. I mainly shot on Auto Mode. Even though I had taken a class a few years back. I had forgotten everything I learned. lol With this camera I took lots of photos of our new baby and family trips.

Many more moons later, Orlando surprised me my first DSLR camera. We were living in California and went sightseeing a lot. That's when I finally got serious about learning to shoot in Manual Mode. I learned so much by watching countless hours of YouTube tutorials, photography blogs and just shooting everyday.

Film photography is once again popular, especially in the wedding secular. It shoots beautifully, especially in harsh light. Most of the photographer's shoot on a Medium Format camera, such as the Contax 645 with a 80mm prime lens attached. I applaud them. Because I just shot 4 rolls of film with 24 exposure each and only 5 came out decent. 5!!! That's 97 exposures that I screwed up! Yowizers! Let's just say I won't be shooting film full time anytime soon. lol 

I'm sharing my 5 great shots here. Now, most of these are from the tail end of the rolls. I believe rolls 3 and 4. While I was shooting with my film camera, I kept looking at the back of my camera to see how it came out. But nope nothing there! Sorry, Jen you just have to wait in a few weeks to see. lol

I love working with film. It's a great challenge for me. Everything has to be correct in camera as much as possible. As you can see I still have a lot to learn. I'm also learning how to "read" light. Photography is all about how light reflects off your subject. That saying always sticks in my head.

I shot these with a used $12 Canon 35mm film body (bought from Amazon) and with my 85mm 1.8 Canon lens. The film brand varied from Wal-mart 400, to Kodak 200 to Fuji 100 film. I tweaked the WB and brightness just a tiny bit in Lightroom. Not like I had a choice. lol  I got these developed at Walgreens for under $3. Since I screwed up the rest I didn't have to pay for then. Yay Walgreens! I also scanned the prints in from the scanner then imported them into Lightroom. And wah-la! It also came with a free CD but I don't have a CD thingy on my computer.