The day had finally come. I was so excited and nervous at the same time. I bought the dress last fall. I’ve been putting it off. So, I finally called up my model, Hannah. And she was happy to help me out. We set the date and time. I had the dress, the model, and now I needed a bouquet. I went shopping the day of the shoot. I follow other photographers on Snapchat and they give tips on photo sessions. And one tip was to use silk flowers as a base and add fresh flowers to the bouquet. And that’s what I did. The bouquet turned out great! With the extra flower pieces I made a flower pick to place in her hair. I took a few shots indoors and afterwards went to the park. Even though it was cloudy it was warm. I was sweating bullets. I like shooting on cloudy days but I miss the backlighting shots. Oh well, next time! I love doing this, but a style shoot...it's a lot of work. I did the calling. I did the research. I drove around to shop for flowers. I had to dig out my 16 year old wedding veil and my club dancing days stilettos. It was all worth it! I reached out to people and was amazed at who was willing to help! Thank you. Thank you. I used what I had and it turned out great. So, take what you have and go for it!  I’m glad I got to work on this. A huge thank you to Chris for getting me the bridal dress. Thank you to my model Hannah. She did a wonderful job with her hair, makeup and being in front of my lens. Enjoy loves! OX Jen