How I See Love

Love is strong yet delicate. It can be broken. To truly love is to understand this. To be in love is to respect this.
— Stephen Packer

I’ve learned from my late grandparents that love is hard work. Not like, “geez, you are difficult to love.” Haha! No, I mean its a labor of love type of thing. My grandmother was constantly in the kitchen working the stove and making stuff with her hands. Food to clothes. Grandpa was always about discipline and tweezing his chin whiskers. Haha! But seriously, they both taught me to work hard for family. To care for them. To love family, was to work hard for them. Actions were louder than words. Discipline and hard work were the core of my grandparent's teachings. I have a profound respect for them. If you were lazy it meant you didn’t love them. To simply say, "I love you", just wasn't enough. You had to put in the work as well. You know, I actually didn’t know how to say, “I love you,” in Navajo until I was much older. Instead, I learned how to make tortillas and blue corn mush first. 

Fast forward to my college years. I’ve just meet a cute boy, (my husband). He is sweet, funny, and handsome. He took me out on dates. He opened doors for me. A true gentleman. We talk on the phone for hours. He sent me love letters. I love being near him. I’ve never known such kindness. He has taught me to let go. He has shown me grace. He has smooth out my rough edges. And he continues to teach me how to be patience and to be kind.

Let’s fast forward again. I’ve given birth to a beautiful baby boy. The first time I held him was the most amazing moment in my life. I was truly blessed. You see, I had a hard time getting pregnant with E. It seemed like I waited forever for him to arrive. I could see him only in my dreams. So, when I finally held him in my arms, I loved him with all my being. He was so precious and delicate. I cried to the heavens, to protect my new baby.  Today, he has my attention all the time. I love to study his face and his hands whenever he talks. He is my one and only.

I see love as: delicate, kind and hardworking. I’ve also learned that love is forgiveness. Love and forgiveness go hand in hand. Yep. They walk hand in hand on the beach everyday.