Why I Fell In Love With Photography

I don’t shoot what it looks like. I shoot the way it feels.
— unknown

Photography can freeze emotions for me, especially love. By that I mean, I love capturing the interaction between two people in love. Beyond the standard Pinterest poses. Let's say, I have a couple and they're sitting in front of their house, having wine and watching the kids play. And she plays with his hand and he looks at her when she laughs at his jokes. And in those tiny in-between moments is what I love to catch. We don't get to see those in between moments everyday. Because we don't carry mirrors everywhere we go. Haha! No, seriously, I mean, we feel them everyday and throughout the day. But it would be nice to have it tangible in your hands and admire it everyday. Moments that seem to pass us so quickly. That's what I love about photography and why I love it so much. 

I love knowing that some of my photographs will reach future generations. Like great-great grandchildren. I love history and genealogy!  I enjoy looking at old black and white photographs and the stories that go with them. There's not much from my grandparents era. However, when my late maternal grandmother passed a few years back. A few of her photos showed up.  I couldn't believe that was her. She was so young! Only, because I've only known her as my "grandma." I mean, I've never seen her as a single young lady with no husband or children. Haha! It was fabulous!

I also love showing people just how beautiful they truly are, especially when they smile, laugh, or kiss. People are the most beautiful when they are having fun. I love seeing their faces light up when I give back of camera sneak peeks. They're like, "Wow, is that really me?" That's a great feeling for me!

Photography is such a beautiful gift. I believe everyone deserves a good photo of themselves. One where you think of something or doing something that makes you so happy, it becomes beautiful.