One and Only

"To love is to take the greatest risk of all. It is to give one's future and one's happiness into another's hands. It is to allow oneself to trust without reserve. It is to accept vulnerability. And thus I love you." Helen Thomson

My first engagement session in Arizona was a nail bitter. The weather called for cloudy skies and rain showers. But I was hopeful. I kept thinking, "Oh, it'll be okay. It should stop by 3pm." However, the rain wouldn't quit. It was touch and go all day long. It was getting closer to our shoot time. And it was pouring still. So, I folded and called off the shoot. Then all of a sudden the rain stopped. I walked around outside and studied the skies, (like a storm chaser). I went with my gut. "Screw it! Let's do this!"  I called up Dusty and told her I was still up for the shoot if they were. I told her the rain had stopped and the sun was starting to peek through the clouds. She and Travis quickly discussed it and they were up for it too! We were rolling. We met at Veteran's Oasis Park in Chandler. We jumped right in. It was quick but it was fun. I kept the session under an hour. I loved working with Dusty and Travis. Thank you kiddos for being super flexible and just going with the flow.