Tower House Designs

Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it.
— Petite Style Blog

I've been longing shoot an indigenous style session. And I did just that. I reached out to Tower House Designs to provide some Navajo Traditional Women's outfits for a session. And the owner of the shop, Darricksen Begay, happily obliged! 

Darricksen started making outfits for his sister, former Miss Navajo Nation, Mckeon Dempsey. After having a difficult time searching for affordable outfits for his sister, he decided to make one on his own. And fell in love with it. He enjoyed it so much he open up his own shop on Etsy.

Darricksen believes in keeping his prices affordable. Most traditional women's outfits are made from expensive velvet fabric. However, Darricksen mixes it up by purchasing unique fabric not traditional used. He told me that he looks for sale fabrics and proclaims to the fabric, "I will make you beautiful." Spoken like a true artist.

Our sweetheart model is Ortencia. She did a fabulous job. I wanted a free spirited and strong indigenous vibe and that's exactly what she gave me. Thank you love! And to Darricksen for trusting me to make your designs look beautiful.

OX, Jen