Weekend Love

I see the Earth. I am looking at Her and smile because She makes me happy. The Earth, looking back at me is smiling too. May I walk happily and lightly upon her.
— Navajo Chant

It had been over a year since I travelled back home to the Rez (yes, shame on me!). I had long embraces with my Mama and Auntie Lou. We all cried. It was so good to hold them again. All my family! We ate and we laughed...a lot! We played Pictionary (a favorite boardgame of my late grandma). We chatted by the firepit late into the night. Drove up to Colorado for some lake time. I tried to Snapchat some of the action but was busy taking it all in. I barely squeezed in some camera time. Hopefully, next time I can go on some mini backyard adventures. We have so many beautiful canyons and skies that need photographing. I am blessed to live in such a beautiful place.