St. Michaels

I always dream of visiting the french countryside because of its pastel landscape. But it was in front of me the whole time. Home is my new muse. I was blown away by the creamy morning light and soft green countrysides. I got to photograph Shiidean also. It was overcast but we still had fun in a random arroyo. Ha! She is the sweetest person ever. Shandiin is doing great things with the Ké Info Shop located in Window Rock. We also got to reunite with family at a birthday dinner party. Elders made speeches to the guest of honor. But I will take the advice as well. Our elders have so much passion for teaching the young! It's quite refreshing to hear. On our way back to Chandler we made a stop in Steamboat where they have a 9 hole golf course. It was a bit too windy so we didn't hit any balls. We also stopped at Painted Desert, (the rez side). That was pretty grand! I can't wait for our next trip!