Nicholl + Eli

Nicholl and Eli are high school sweethearts and a joy to photograph! I adored their outfits. Suit and dress? Yes, please! They were also ready to snuggle, kiss, and laugh! It was so much fun. Yep, it's not easy being in front of a big camera, but if you get in front of mine, we'll definitely have some laughs! Because photography should be fun not scary. All you have to do is be yourself. I mean, you have to have a mindset of, "Ok, I'm here, I'm dressed, let's have some fun!" At least that's how I feel when I get in front of the camera. And I want everyone who gets in front of my camera to feel the same way. I want to capture the joy and love you have for one another. Those are the memories we want. Thank you guys for letting me document your love for one another! Love you guys! xo Jen