Lost In You

We got lost in Sedona. Like for real lost. Cell phone service in Sedona is a bit tricky, no thanks to the vortex. By the way, it was messing with my camera's light meter. I just couldn't get a correct reading. It was all over the place! The vortex is real guys. Haha! Anyhoo, after many calls and text messages. We finally caught up with one another. Ortencia and Derek are such a sweet couple. They were so patience and so nice. If you're meeting up in Sedona, do yourself a favor and meet at the Circle K on Hwy 179.  And go from there. Haha! Anyhoo, I asked Ortencia if she could write a short story about her and Derek. Let's end on a sweet note. Thank you Ortencia and Derek for rolling with the punches with me! 



"Derek makes me the happiest woman alive. One of my favorite is him showing up at my dorm every Friday to pick me up for the weekends to spend time with him in Chandler and he would drop me back off at NAU every Sunday. No matter what the weather condition was, he made sure I got back in time for class. He is so sweet to me. Nobody has never spent that much gas money on me, lol! It’s been 5 amazing years with Derek. He has the biggest heart. I am very thankful to have him by my side – he’s my person and he’s my home. I’m very lucky be in love and to marry my best friend. Everyday with him feels like Christmas."