Ortencia + Derek

For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.
— unknown

So, here we are. I'm blogging about my first wedding. Yowizers! Who knew? If you told me last year that I was going to shoot my first wedding as lead photographer and shoot three weddings as a second shooter. I would've told you to get out of town! 

I felt so anxious and nervous the whole week. I had double checked and triple checked my camera equipment. Went over video tutorials. Malled over my shot list. Getting my team ready for the big day. When I got to the bride's apartment I was ready to go. I tried to slow down and breathe, but it seems as if time was spinning out of control. Like a crazy clock from a cartoon show. Having a detailed timeline and shot list was very helpful for me. I finally got into a groove and went with the flow. I'm so happy I got to do this. It was tough but very rewarding. I got to capture art and love all in a single day. I have a new found appreciation for wedding photographers. It's not for the faint of hearts, that's for sure!

First I like to thank my bride and groom, Ortencia and Derek for trusting me to document your beautiful wedding. They knew this would be my first wedding and they were okay with that. Wow, talk about having faith when I didn't. Thank you guys! Muah! I loved how I was able to speak Navajo to both Ortencia and Derek's grandparents. It was so nice to hear them laugh and to see them smile. Truly warmed my heart. It was also an honor to spend time with Ortencia and her Mom during the getting ready part. It was the sweetest thing to witness. Good times! 

Bridal make-up was by the lovely and sweet Yazmin . Venue and florals were by Noah's Event Venue in Chandler. I also like to thank my fabulous team! My awesome second shooter Sandra Mendoza and my wonderful photographer's assistant Carolyn Milliner. I'm so happy you were there to help out. Everything went smoothly. Thank you! OX Jen :)