What To Wear



Thank you for booking a portrait session with me! This guide will help you through some popular questions about your session. I will cover outfits, hair and make-up, what to expect, what to bring, editing, and fun loving time.

What to Wear

Dress to impress! This is a great time to dress it up. Its not everyday we get professional photos done, right? Choose outfits that are timeless and elegant. I am drawn to lighter, softer muted colors. They photograph so beautifully. Choose earth tones with complementary colors. They are harmonious with one another. Select colors like oatmeal, blush, caramel, pinks, tans, grays, black, metallic, creams, hues of blue and jewel tones. Choose solid colored clothing over busy prints. If you are not sure, bring them to the session and I can help you decide. Most of all I want you to feel beautiful and comfortable in your outfits. 


Wear heels with your dresses. Not only is it elegant but they also elongate your legs and look fabulous in photos. Bring flip flops for walking around. As for my indigenous clients, I absolutely adore traditional outfits and moccasins.

Movement is key in my photos, so choose outfits that flow easily and are comfortable. Choose outfits that will flatter your body shape. Not a big fan of your arms, opt for an off the shoulders dress or top. Still working on your abs, choose a light flowy dress with a belt. And spanks to smooth things out.

To add interest to your photos wear a statement jewelry piece. Such as a turquoise squash blossom. They are my favorites! Statement earrings are great too. Bring a hat, scarf, sunglasses and/or a bouquet of flowers. Not only do they add interest to photos but it will also give your hands something to do. 

Hair + Makeup

Ladies if you can treat yourself to a professional hair and make-up session. If you like, I have a couple of make-up artist recommendations. If you are doing your own make-up, go a little heavy. I shoot with lots of light, so it will soften your look. Careful with tanning creams. If not applied evenly it will show in your photos. And those are difficult to edit. Bring along your make-up bag for touch ups.


I tell ya the guys have it the easiest! They look great in almost anything. Choose slacks over jeans. To add interest to your photo add a vest, tie, bow tie, bolo tie or a sports/dinner jacket. I adore hats, be it cowboy hat or a fedora hat, bring it!

Fun Loving Time

Be prepared to embrace, hug, snuggle, laugh, smile and kiss. I will direct you into various poses. 


If you are self-conscience about anything, please, please let me know. I can switch up the poses for you. If you have a favorite side, aka, "my good side," then by all means switch it up. I can edit small blemishes and soften your skin only a tinee-tiny bit. 

Time Limit

Each session has a time limit. It's important to arrive early 5-10 minutes so you are ready to go. My 30 minute session moves rather quickly and we don't have time to warm up. We just kind of jump right in! 

If you have any questions just shoot me an email and I'd be happy to answer them!