What to Expect For A Studio Baby Session

I love photographing newborns indoors. Which is why I started offering studio session in my home. Studio sessions are also great for individual portraits, like headshots or waist up photos. Family sessions are best outdoors, because I currently don’t have a lot of room in my studio group photos. Studio sessions have a plain background, because it forces the viewer on the subject. No landscape or busy background to distract the viewer. I’m all about simplicity. 

When you arrive, I will greet you at the door. If my guys are around, I’ll introduce them. I have two dogs, but they will be in their crates or outside. I will show you into the studio and give you a quick run down of how the session will go.I have a table for you to set your things on and a couple of chairs for you to sit on.  I’ll have my gear set up and I will do a few test shots with my camera. 

If I’m photographing baby, I’ll see if baby is ready to go. Baby will rule the session. You are welcome to bring extra outfits for baby. I prefer plain solid white or light colored onesies or a white or neutral diaper cover. Baby is best photographed in just diapers or a simple swaddled. So, leave the fancy outfits at home.

Along with a simple outfit, feel free to bring heirloom items like a traditional cradle board, moccasins, pendleton blankets or a soft plush toy.

If Mom or Dad want to be photographed with baby, I will do those after I’ve photographed baby alone. If more than 3 people want to be photographed, I will schedule an outdoor session. That way we have ample room to move!

We usually take breaks so that baby can eat, be soothed or change outfits.

Baby sessions take about an hour to complete. Older babies (6 months and up) tend to have less attention spans so we usually wrap things up after 30-40 minutes. Older babies are great to photograph when they are busy doing something. So, I will have neutral colored toys for them to play with. Neutral so they won’t be a distraction from the main subject.

I have a flash set up so that I have plenty of light for photos. The flash is directed away from baby.

After the session is done, I’ll remind you about when your online gallery will be ready.

That’s about it. A pretty simple workflow.

Individual portrait have a similar workflow. These don’t take too long either, perhaps 30 minutes. Unless, you have several outfit changes or jewelry changes. 

Things to bring to a Newborn studio session:

-plain and simple outfits. 

-diaper covers.

-heirloom items like cradle board, moccasins, blankets

-soft plush toy.

-plain solid white or light colored onesies, side snap, or tee.

-plain solid white or light colored receiving blanket.