Fancy Navajo Nation Rez Tour

In June, Alana and I drove back home to be tourists in our homeland. We started in Holbrook with a stop at the Wigwam Motel and on to Gallup, New Mexico. We walked around downtown and had lunch at El Rancho. They make the best hamburgers! We also browsed the famous flea market, where I bought some juicy cherries and a cool mauve Navajo Nation seal t-shirt from Can’t Fail Designs. We spent the night at my inlaws in St. Micheals, where I cooked for Alana! I made her potatoes and turkey spam. I would’ve made some tortillas but they were out of Blue Bird. Whaaaat?!

The next day we headed out to Canyon de Chelly to hike down the White House trail. Boy, was it a tough trail. lol Yeah, right Jen! I saw that Cheii climb that hill like nothing! So, true! Yaadiilah! Anyhoo, I saw these two wild horses running by. I fumbled with my camera and got lucky with a capture. After the hike we stopped at the hotel and restaurant and spun the giant wheel of “What’s Your Clan” Turns out Salt clan is a sub-clan of another clan. What da what? Salt is my second clan. Red Running Into the Water People is my first clan. Whoop-whoop! That evening we drove to Red Valley and spent the night at my folk’s place. Mom cooked up a yummy meal. Afterwards we sat on the porch and had a sweet watermelon. We found out that Alana is my maternal grandma! Cute! I was driving Miss Daisy and didn’t even know it. Haha!

The next day we drove West to Monument Valley. We made a stop at Hubbell Trading Post first. Whoop-whoop! Yes, I’m related by marriage. We had fun there playing, “Trader”. It was suppose to be for kids but it was too cute to resist.

We arrived at Monument Valley. It was my first time driving around in the park! My poor “Blue Mush” aka my Mercedes got Rez’d out big time! It was so warm out. I was so glad I packed an ice chest filled with cold ice coffee from Starbucks and chilled cherries. Ahhh! Afterwards we checked out Goulding’s Trading Post and Motel. We did the $2.00 tour of the movie museum. So many movies created there, especially with John Wayne. We saw his house where he stayed while he filmed. I wondered if there were any little Navajo John Waynes running round here. Haha! I’m I sharing too much?!?! Anyhoo, next we Googled Forrest Gump Point. It was about 15 minutes north, so we booked it. Found it and took some fun photos there. “I’m tired. I think I’ll go home now.” -Forrest Gump.

The next day we woke up in Page, Arizona. First on the itinerary was to hike down to Antelope Canyon. I was a tiny bit nervous. I get claustrophobic in tight spaces. But it was fine. You can see the sky the entire time. We had a kid tour guide who kept giving us scary factoids along the way. “One time there was a mountain lion in here!”, “Oh, that one time…lots of people drowned in here.” and “Oh, if you Navajo, you’re not suppose to be in canyons! But you’re okay we had it blessed.” Haha, crazy kid! He called us, “The Shiprock Gurls” haha! Later that day we cruised Page like we owned it. We met all sorts of people. Alana has the hook ups I tell ya! We had lunch at the Bird House. The BEST fried chicken ever! We dipped our toes in Lake Powell. That evening we drove out to Horseshoe Bend. It’s $10 to enter and park. I finally shot in soft light! It was so difficult to shoot in harsh light when you travel, but of course, I just rolled with it.

It was time to go home! We got up early. Checked out. I left my favorite pillow at the hotel by the way. We gas’d up and back on the road. We stopped in Hidden Springs to visit my paternal auntie but she was at sheep camp in Coopermine! Onward to Cameron Trading Post. We had lunch there. I had the Navajo Tacos. Delicious! We shopped around and checked out the hotel’s garden. Very pretty. Lots of flowers.

We hopped back in “Blue Mush” ready to head home when she wouldn’t start! My car battery died! Ugh…Luckily a nice man with a Ford truck came to our rescue and gave my car a jump. We made it home safely!