Learning To Let Go

After spending the day at ASU with Ethan for Sun Devil Day for all incoming college freshman…

Today was about learning how…how to let go. I haven’t been doing that too well lately. I’ve been gripping on tight, white knuckles and all. You see, our one and only baby, child, son is leaving the nest. Ethan is graduating high school in May and three days after his 18th birthday, he will be moving into his new home at ASU. I can’t believe that day is fast approaching. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the whole idea. It’s going so incredibly fast!

As, I try to catch my breath, I’m preparing for my new as a parent. Where I no longer call the shots. Instead, I’m there to only listen, encourage, and love. That’s tough for me, especially when all I wanna do is protect my kiddo and make all the decisions for him. But, I know I have to let go and let his possibilities expand. I never understood this part of parenting until now. I finally know what my parents went through.

Back when I was preparing to leave for college, Dad stood in my doorway and asked, “Why don’t you leave some of your stuff up? Don’t take everything down.” As I was rolling up my horse poster, all I could think of was, “Why? I’m outta here for good.” And for that I apologize Dad! I didn’t realize how tough it must’ve been for you and Mama. Until now, (deep sigh).

I know it’s only a thirty minute drive to campus, and I can visit. But, it's not about the distance. It’s about the next level. The next phase in life for us. This one kinda stings, but it’s a good sting!

Note to all graduating Seniors: be kind and have patience with your parents and hug your parents often, especially your Mama! Thanks!

Note to parents: Time to level up! Hang in there and be cool about it all. Cry in your closets if you have to. Like I do! Haha!


Jen :D